The creation of PósARQ reflects an investment of more than ten years in faculty development at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. The master’s degree program was created in 2001 and the doctoral degree program was implemented in 2009. As a reflection of the faculty profile, the emphasis chosen was on Design and Technology of the Built Environment. The program has been effectively contributing to the scientific and technological production and the educational background of many Brazilian and foreign professionals.

In 2014-2015, the Program underwent an important restructuring: the merging with the Graduate Program in Urbanism, History and Architecture of the City (PGAU-Cidade), also belonging to the UFSC Department of Architecture and Urbanism. As a result, a new area of concentration – “Urbanism, History and Architecture of the City” – was created in the Program, together with new Bylaws and faculty accreditation rules.

The integration between PósARQ and departments of great national prominence at UFSC (Departments of Graphic Communication, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Production and Systems Engineering, among others) has expanded professional training through the laboratory infrastructure available, which allows the development of research and the production of knowledge in an interdisciplinary approach necessary to face the current challenges in the area of Architecture and Urbanism.