International Participation

The PósARQ faculty members have extensive experience in research supervision  and growing participation in foreign institutions.

It is worth highlighting the participation of PósARQ faculty members in the following editorial boards and organizing committees:

  • Alina Gonçalves Santiago:ENEPEA; Revista Paisagem e Ambiente;
  • Carlos Loch:Revista Brasileira de Cartografia; full member of the Brazilian Society of Cartography’s Land Management and Registry Committee; Executive Director of the Rede de Tecnologia Aeroespacial e Cartográfica; foreign representative – Deutsche Geodätische Kommission;
  • Fernando Oscar Ruttkay Pereira:Passive and Low Energy Architecture International Association; Illuminating Engineering Society of North America; CIE-Brasil; Revista ANTAC; Journal of Building Simulation; International Journal Management of Environmental Quality; General Coordination of the Bienal Aroztegui;
  • Fernando Simon Westphal:President of the Associação Brasileira para Simulação do Desempenho de Edificações – IBPSA-Brasil;
  • Humberto Roman:International Masonry Society of the American Society of Civil Engineers;
  • Roberto Lamberts:member of the ASHRAE – American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers and of the IBPSA -International Building Performance Simulation Association; reviewer – Energy in Buildings, Building and Environment, Energy Policy, Solar Energy, and member of the International Journal of Building Performance Simulation’s editorial board;
  • Sonia Afonso:ENEPEA; Revista Paisagem e Ambiente;
  • Vera Helena Moro Bins Ely:ICOMOS and ABERGO.

PósARQ has also directly promoted international scientific events, such as the recent CTHab’2012 – IV Brazilian Congress and III Ibero-American Congress of Social Housing (12-15 November 2012), or indirectly, like the 15th IB²MaC –International Brick and Block Masonry Conference (3-6 June 2012), both in Florianópolis, Brazil.