Admission Process

International students have to go through the same application process as domestic students. Every year PósARQ publishes a Call for Applications with the rules of the admission selection process. The call describes every step of the application process, the necessary documents and the evaluation criteria. The applicant must, among other requirements, submit a research project detailing the work to be carried out in the Master’s or Doctoral degree program.

Each year, the Call includes a list of supervisors and how many new students they are willing to accept. For the Master’s degree, there is no need to have a previous acceptance of a supervisor, but it is necessary to have a research project aligned with at least one of the research interests listed in the Call. For the Doctoral degree, the Program requires a letter of acceptance from a supervisor, although this does not mean that the final acceptance is guaranteed.

The Call for Applications is published every year in December and deadlines for applications are usually in late February/early March (please refer to the call for specific dates). Academic year begins in June.

2019 Admission Process

The 2019 Call for Applications was published in 19 December 2018 and can be accessed here:

PósArq 2019 Call for Applications

More information: