Renato T. de Saboya

Professor Renato Saboya is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, both for graduate and post-graduate levels. He received his Professional Degree in Architecture and Urban Design at UFSC (1997), a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning at UFRGS (2001) and a Doctor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at UFSC. His main research areas include urban and architectural morphology and configuration, accessibility, diversity, and segregation.


Research interests

  • Urban morphology, configuration and spatial performance: urban morphology, configuration, public spaces, land uses;
  • Socio-spatial segregation;
  • Space and healthy ageing.


  • Urban configurational studies – ARQ 410028
  • Pre-thesis seminars – ARQ 510003
  • Scientific method – ARQ 100001

Selected publications (in English)