Historical Context

The creation of PósARQ reflects the investment of more than ten years in training the academic and research staff of the Architecture and Urbanism Department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. The postgraduation program (Master’s Degree) was created in 2001 by the faculty members of the Department. After its homologation, it had its first graduate class in 2002. As a reflection of the original teaching profile, the emphasis (Design and Built Environment Technology) has been effectively contributing to scientific and technological production and educational background of many Brazilian and foreign professionals. In 2004, after only two years of operation, program was revalued by CAPES and it was given grade 4 in recognition of high productivity and quality of its service.

The integration between PósARQ and departments of great national prominence at UFSC (Departments of Graphic Expression, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Production Engineering and Systems, for example) has expanded professional training through the laboratory infrastructure available, which highlights the ability of developing researches and producing knowledge in an interdisciplinary approach necessary to face the current challenges in the area of Architecture and Urbanism.

In recent years, PósARQ’s academic and research staff have offered courses to other graduate programs at UFSC apart from their participation in the program. They have also supervised dissertations and theses and participated in research projects funded by development agencies, besides contributing to the evaluation of new programs in the area. Furthermore, their representation and participation in important national and international scientific and/or professional associations combined with teacher training and continuous improvement in important research centers in the country and abroad confirm the necessary maturity to support the program, which had its Ph.D. project approved by CAPES in 2009 with an initial grade 4.