Areas of inquiry and Research lines

Area of inquiry 1 – Design and technology of the built environment

Scientific and technological knowledge generation in the areas of design and technology of the built environment. Multidisciplinary approach to architectural production in order to deepen technological knowledge and improve design in its constructive and environmental aspects.

Research line 1.1: Methods and techniques in Architectural and Urban Design

Research line 1.2: Environmental behavior of buildings and the urban space

Area of inquiry 2 – Urbanism, History and Architecture of the City

Critical and socially aware scientific knowledge to deepen theoretical and methodological aspects of architecture, urbanism, and urban planning and design, observing history and urban culture as their cornerstones, aiming at innovative contributions for the understanding of and interventios in contemporary cities.

Research line 2.1: Urbanism, culture, and city history

Research line 2.2: Architecture of the city, urban planning and management